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GlitterToos Rebrand
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Glittertoos are temporary tattoos for kids of all ages. Just apply the tattoo, add some glitter, and watch the delight on every child's face as they show off their new! Their logo, on the other hand, was not as exciting. 


After its humble beginnings in a small studio in NYC, GlitterToos became a fast growing companies in the party and home show industry.



GlitterToos seamlessly integrated operations orchestrated by a cohesive workforce who enjoy strong familial bonds across borders have together helped to deliver astounding results for over a decade. Beo

We were tasked with a rebrand and to drive brand recognition by establishing a presence on Facebook to:

  • Rebrand should appeal to an older audience

  • Social media to allow for in house maintenance

  • Drive Facebook fans to purchase directly from

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Screenshot 2018-08-16 18.10.29.png


New Designs & A Richer Product

Our team had a LOT of fun working on the rebranding. 


We approached our rebranding as we approach our technology projects. We knew that by doing due diligence early, the brand would take shape correctly. Through weekly meetings, we went step by step through a company analysis. We conducted stakeholder interviews with the leadership team, and noted any key messages our clients care about or needed to hear. We conducted a brand audit, evaluating what our current brand was doing to convey these messages, if at all, and then how these could be improved upon. We found that it was imperative to have this cross-team communication internally to make sure that executives, sales, tech, and communications teams were all on the same page in terms of understanding who our clients are and the vendors they work with, why they want to work with GlitterToos, and how we can answer their questions and demonstrate our value.

LOVE IT!!!    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT  ALSO, how long will it take them to print these???  Thanks again !!!  ....  This is awesome!!  -Liana Bergman, Founder, GlitterToos


  • After implementing the rebrand & interactive social strategy, the client experienced a 200% growth in website traffic referrals from social media

  • They also experienced a 120% increase in Facebook engaged users

  • Organic reach increased by 29%

  • GlittterToos was featured on the Today Show

  • 3,959 individual transactions as a result of the total social media campaign

  • 1.5x return on investment on Facebook advertising

  • 10x page engagement increase based on the "People Talking About This" metric


We delivered: new logo design & brand lock-ups, new product packaging, new stencil designs, a guideline,  a copy style guide, PR one sheets for press, campaign messaging and a boot-strap brand awareness strategy and schedule that the company would execute in house. 

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let's talk. // 646/ 450-8635

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