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Merkury Innovations Messaging & Product Strategy

Building the Merkury Brand:

Personal electronics represent an important facet of our every day. Merkury is dedicated to making products that protect, enhance, and enrich these extensions of ourselves. 


Read how a premium audience-driven media solution and an “always on” approach to consumer communications significantly improved Merkury's brand perceptions among US retailers.

The Challenge:​

Merkury had profitably established itself as a low-brow brand due to its placement in outlets and offsale houses.  

Merkury recognized that there would have to be a significant change in strategy – with a far greater importance placed on building both brand fame and style in order to compete with the new technology and wearables..


Behave like the market leader

We built a new strong set of messaging paired with a social media communications "channel" to build perception of the Merkury brand; and create brand presence through an “always on” approach, driving familiarity amongst our Millennials target audience.

This approach would also give Merkury premium display for product launches, while ensuring a presence during key competitor campaigns.

With a focus on quality, style and impact, we secured a long-term holding of giant high-definition billboards. The campaign ran for 12 months across 20 billboards, with placements optimized to deliver against our Millennials audience in key contributions across NYC & the Tri-State Metro Area.


• Research proved that the media choice clearly delivered positive brand associations amongst those who saw the campaign versus those that weren’t exposed.

• Crucially this occurred amongst higher end retail customers who showed positive shifts in perception of core brand Merkury statements: Premium (+11%), Modern (+6%), Advanced (+6%) and Forward Thinking (+8%).

• In addition, our continuity strategy was proven to significantly shift the Merkury brand perceptions over time – with a 56% increase in respondents believing that Merkury was a premium brand.

• Nordstrom (Rack) picks up the line for a nationwide shelf.


Yet it wasn’t only attitudinal changes that were noted in the research, there was a behavioral impact too.

• There was a significant increase in consumers claiming to seek more information about the brand or product (+38%), with a sharp rise in purchase intent (+62%) suggesting that the campaign had increased consideration of Merkury over time.

Brand Messaging: 

We delivered: new stylish product aimed at teens, a messaging content strategy, a brand audit and new brand guideline, new product artwork and packaging, social media and retail one-sheets for contracts, ad build and a moderate brand awareness strategy and schedule that the company would execute in house. 


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