He had a great hike with my mom. He helped her every step of the way. When you have a chance watch this with volume up. He did this for three hours.

UPDATE: We put Mike D down this Monday. (3/19)

He showed me that he couldn't be rehomed safely- and he made it clear. 


I promised him that I would never put him in danger. I would always keep him safe. 


If he hurt someone they would hurt him. Kill him. Throw him out. Put him in the shelter where he would not handle the kennels and ultimately euthanized. 


I know it's right, but I'm very sad. 


He had a great last weekend- camping and hiking with Mommy and the pitties, and when he came home he was clearly still "wild". 


It’s clear that he must have something wild in him. When he is out in the wilderness he embodies a spark of wilderness. It isn't personal, it is who he is. 

He was a wild animal at the vet. 

He tried to attack anyone with a needle in their hand. Although he was muzzled he was protecting himself at all costs. 


He was surrounded by those that knew him best and loved him most. Eric and I and his girlfriend, Sarah. He was sedated when Sarah arrived, but managed his energy to get into her lap for hugs. 


When his ashes are ready, we will bring him back to Villanueva- the place where he last felt "himself"


Special thank to my dear friend, Eddie who has a loving and understanding heart in his support for Mike D and for all animals. Thank you Aztec. 


Mike D: aka Chance

Shepherd (Kelpie) Mix,


He is a resource guarder and he needs to be in a home that will keep him safe while working with him. 


  • Approx 2 years old. Pittie Kelpie cross. 60lbs

  • Fixed. All shots. No health issues. 

  • Crate trained. Loves the car. Loves showers. 

  • Doesn’t like pooping on a leash, a yard is ideal

  • Located in Albuquerque, NM but will transport.


  • Resource guarding. Must have consistent alpha present
  • Working with a behaviorist on anxiety 

  • No-kid / no-dog home is ideal 

Giving this foster up will be the hardest one yet.

I love this dog.


Call me @ 646/450-8635 if you want to talk more. 

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