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All photos from the service are included in the gallery below. Galleries are best viewed on desktop.  

We lived lifetimes.

 Our adventures never stopped. From getting stranded in Death Valley to living it up in a penthouse in Paris, Eric Lindsay and I loved and lived hard. 

"We're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy"

 Zion was our favorite. We hiked to the tip-top of Angel's Landing, a fin-like formation topping 1,500 feet out of the canyon. 

Each time I had a bit too much to drink,

I'd tell everyone within earshot "My Baby's a genius" - Lynn Platow

 He smirked that Eric Lindsay smirk and reeled me in. Projects with Solaero Technologies were his passion. NASA Lucy (Jupiter Trojan), NASA Psyche (Asteroid between Mars and Jupiter)NASA Mars MAVEN, NASA Mars InSightOneWeb Constellation - to name a few. 

A book of Eric Lindsay's legacy will be printed.

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