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Bodega Bay for the holidays.

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Bodega Bay, Calilfornia //

Ten days before Christmas I received a call from a client in Sebastopol, California. He had recently merged his company with another and wanted to retain my consult for the project. I looked at my project schedule and I wasn't going to be able to take the project until late February, unless...(?)

"Can we meet over Christmas?" "Absolutely."

and it was so.*


Eric and I had planned to spend Christmas in northern California. We booked a place on the beach in Bodega Bay and did our share of galavanting from Fort Bragg to the Mojave Desert. We didn't stop there. Do you know what is super close to being on the way? The world's biggest tree. Another must stop.

Sonoma Coast was exactly what you would expect. Wine Country that isn't Napa. Fantastic food in Healdsberg, hearing the stories at Annapolis, learning that the beauty of Glass Beach comes from a trash dump.

Bodega Bay showed me how incredible the Pacific Ocean is. It is powerful. The waves were 30+ feet by my estimate. They crashed on the rocks and sprayed the cars parked on the overlook. The days were short and very cold.

Just when you least expect it, you meet some people that touch your heart and make you think.

We met Karen and Erick on Wrights Beach in Bodega Bay. They lived in Paradise, CA and lost their home to the fire. They had enough time to grab a few things from the house, and hook up the travel trailer. The fire took everything. The mid-century modern furniture. The Tiki Room. All of it. Karen showed the happy photos. The photos of the house before the fire. She stayed so positive. The only photos she showed us after they went back was that of their melted pink flamingos. It made her laugh, but I could see that she wasn’t sure if it was a full laugh or a little bit of a cry. So happy to know you both now. We look forward to showing you what New Mexico has to offer.

The trip goes on, but you can journey through the photos.

We finished 2018 the only way we know how. Big. Along 4000 miles of road, we met incredible people, learned new things, and went into 2019 with a fresh perspective.

Happy New Year, Everyone.

Cheers to 2019.

*Project post to follow upon release.

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