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Client Gifts and Team Appreciation

Updated: May 29, 2019

Albuquerque, New Mexico //

Project: Personalized Corporate Gift

Client: SolaeroTechnologies

"It's a spirit five times distilled, the spirit of Christmas cheer, of love, of all that's good, of all that makes this time of year different from any other time. Is there a peculiar flavor in what you sprinkle? And excellent flavor. " - The Second Ghost

I always post my work some time after completion, and the reason for that is that I give the client first release - always. Amen. End of discussion.

It means the world when we feel appreciated. And what makes us feel more appreciated than Whiskey, Malbec and Bourbon?

The talented team at SolaeroTech asked me to create special gift for the extra special Production Engineering team. The project started with choice of spirits, a choice of paper, and an illustration inspired by a nostalgic story. I didn't allow any anticipated PC backlash to hold me back. We went full on Christmas and it was quite well received.

The illustration showed Santa's sleigh flying over a snowy New Mexican scene. The Sandias proudly stand in the background and luminarias adorn the victorian home - inspired by the one on Walter Street.

In the sky, you see satellites made by the hands of the SolaeroTech team and the logo instead of the moon. All of these are details that can easily be missed, but are that more exciting when found.

BTW: They are luminarias, not farolitos.

The illustration was finished, the labels printed in-house and applied by hand. The wax was hand dipped by myself and my elves. It was a cranberry spice scented wax.

These are the types of designs that make my heart happy. They matter. They are remembered. They make someone's day.

#design #gratitude


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