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Shutting down mask production.

Here we are, almost on another side of a new normal. As lockdown restrictions ease everywhere, the mask rush seems to be under control. Supplies are back in stock. Everyone has at least one, most have more than a few. You can buy them on Amazon, Uniqlo, and most people now know someone that has learned to make their own. This is my cue to stop production.

Thank you to everyone that helped in this effort.

Again, it comes as no surprise that the people I work with, my family and friends, and even those I barely knew stepped up to help.

Keep washing your hands. Be mindful of the lessons we learned. Take nothing for granted. Support small business in full force, and overall, stay safe.

I hope to see you via zoom or six feet closer soon.

Truly. LP

A big shoutout for donations, purchases & supplies to: Annie, Jennifer & Livi, Diane Von Furstenberg Co, Donna Karan Co, Todd, Shayne, Rachel, Chelsea, Daisy, Rose, Salina, Gerthy, James, Madison, Mary, Lindsay, Diane, Bernadette, Jackie, Marylou, Miguel, Kim, Melinda, Mike, Danny, Steve, Sandy, Danielle, Ron, Alana, Doug, Rowland, John, Mike, Debbie, Regina, Dan, Seana, Allen, Alyssa, Jeanette, Carrie, Darren, Sally, Tom, Sally and Eric. Thank you for your donations and mask orders!

Masks donated to date: 462 (May 26, 2020)

Donated to: the Jacob Javits Center, APD, NYPD, APS, Animal Humane New Mexico, Ascension St. Vincent South Side, ABQ FD, Navajo Nation Tribal Hospital, Governor's Facemask Initiative via SW Decoratives, Ann Silva, CABQ, City of New York, NewYork-Presbyterian Queens, Presbyterian Urgent Care, Paws and Stripes, Holy Name Medical Center, Downtown Initiative Council, and individual front-line workers in New Mexico and New York.

(PS: If you still need masks, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am happy to continue to help in any way I can. )

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