Waiting out the Polar Vortex in Florida

Updated: May 29, 2019

Ybor City, Florida //

When your best friend asks you to be the best man in his wedding, you say yes. And when you’re a designer you make sheets and sheets of his face for the bachelor party and wedding.

Frank and I go way, way back. So when I received the Save The Date, I scheduled all of my Florida projects accordingly. Tampa, Tarpon, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Miami - all in a week.

Now, I won’t be posting photos of the bride until she does, so all you get is this single shot of her standing majestically next to the palms, but take my word for it for now - she is stunning.

Frank, I was honored to stand by your side at the wedding and proud to call you my best friend.

Cheers to you my dears.

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