We need to figure out this travel thing.

The truth of the matter is, when I'm home - not much has changed. Zoom, Skype, and Facetime have been my meeting rooms since 2003. I try to have a dog or two at my feet (or on my lap... or on my laptop...) and I never wear shoes. The only thing that is different is the time in between. Where is the travel?

With the whole world in a tizz, my travel plans changed. Trip after trip - CANCELED. State parks shut down, airlines were not offering all of the flights in the schedule. Let's say you were able to get to a city, the city required a quarantine. And let's say you quarantined - where do you go when everything is closed?

This is a shift. I have travelled for 2 weeks a month for my whole adult life. I'm just not used to being unpacked for this long!

So something has to change.

I'd like to eradicate COVID-19 and get back at it, but for now, there is an opportunity to be had. I just have to find it.

Maybe it's not an obvious solution. Maybe I'm thinking about this all wrong. I'm going to try a different path here.

I bought land in my beloved New Mexico.

Wait? Grow roots? How does one-single, immovable location help with the travel bug?" you might ask.

The obvious answer is I can hook up the Cabin and take her out there every single weekend. No cell signal. Beautiful views. The dogs have a lake to swim in and we have a place to clear our heads.