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Thank you to all that have been willing and able to donate the face masks. They have been well received and very much appreciated during this time of need. Donated masks will continue to be dropped off to Hospice of New Mexico, VA, Presbyterian, Lovelace, assisted living facilities, health care facilities, public servants, grocery workers, the homeless shelters and those who need help keeping themselves protected.


Concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of homemade masks and the recipients of these donations have specified and understand the level of protection they need and how the masks can provide extra protection.


They will also be sanitizing them before use.

White Mask with Color Stitch (colors may vary)


• Snug Fit: 8" Elastic Around Head vs ears - as per RNA request (fits median size)

Hand sewn with love for our communities, made with breathable cotton (2 layers of fabric for protection), 1/4" elastic head loops. These are not medical grade, but do follow the guidelines recommended by Deaconess Health System, and are definitely better than "just use a scarf you find at home" that the CDC is now allowing. We recommend the following:- Do not share your mask. - wear them always with the same side towards your face- hand wash these after every day of use, let them air dry overnight. (The color in some fabrics may bleed a little bit, we apologize!)


Approximate Size:- Closed: 3" x 8"- Open for use: 6" x 8"This mask has the COVID-19 pattern fabric on the front and solid red inside. We cannot accommodate specific color requests at the moment, but please include a note if you have a color preference from the images and we will do our best to send you your first choice!




We are making a lot of these masks as a donation to local hospitals and shelters - at checkout, you will have the option to add a donation to your order. Your donation will help us to afford more supplies to keep up our efforts and will help us stay afloat as a small business in these trying times.

Donate a Mask