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Not a substitute for social distancing


To help keep up with the influx or orders, I've partnered with award-winning quilter Sally Williams of Paleofish Designs to bring you this reusable face mask with straps. 


Ear strap masks are better suited for the larger & smaller sizes than the elastic head straps. 


**note: These are not as effective as the medical-grade masks.

Take all action to stay healthy (wash your hands😉).

Because of the demand in masks, please choose a theme and we will choose a pattern accordingly.

Usually ships/ready for pickup in one week. 

Pleated Toddler/Kids No Pocket Ear Loop Mask (Choose Theme Only)

    • It is recommended that you hand wash your mask and allow it to air dry every night - prior to each wear.
    • Thoroughly wash your hands before you put your mask on.
    • Do not put your mask in your pocket, as it can transfer the virus to your clothes. Instead, pull it down under your chin/on your neck in between short uses. 
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