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By this time next year, I will have a box of birthday cards.

Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico //

(I knew there would be a hashtag to support this effort. There always is.)

This month was my Mom's birthday. I make my mom a card every single year. It started with macaroni but the very expensive art school education and freelance career have since upped the bar.

Practical use of Procreate and my iPad has allowed me to learn more than any good YouTube tutorial ever did, so in an effort to put my digital painting exercises to good use, I've started a #birthdaycardchallenge .

My plan is to paint, print, and send a card each month based (loosely) on the Celtic Animal Zodiac. The Celts saw the animal world as being closely connected to their own, and I can't say I disagree.

This is the first in the series is my own sign - the Bull. (go figure)

The Goal: To have a full box set of 13 (12 months +1 to meet the zodiac) by this time next year.

Challenge accepted.

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