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Farewell Tangerine.

Updated: May 29, 2019

New York, New York //

This photo was taken with a 'really good' digital camera back in the early 2000s. I needed natural light and a white background, so I pulled the hotel chair over to a window, found a piece of printer paper and took the shot. I spent the rest of the morning sketching and a little (manual/pre image trace) vector work later, we had an icon that we would use for 18 years.

Circa 2001

I don't think I expected to use it for that long, nor was I really thinking about it all at the time. I probably needed to put in on a contract that Mark Robinson needed ASAP(?). I definitely revised it a bunch to later snazz up our myspace page. Through all of that it was there in the background and served us well.

From the first 'formal' meeting at a Mexicali Restaurant until today, the team has given so much of themselves to make the best work possible. Today I give it back to them as both a gift and a thank you for all they have done to ensure the success of our clients and our projects. I am leaving this consultancy in the good hands of the people that have taken care of it for its whole life. They are a group of designers, illustrators and photographers. They think brilliantly and execute in ways that are unexpected.

Today is my last day as partner & Creative Director at Tangerine Cafe Design Group. I have accepted a position as Chief Branding Officer. Skipti will launch in Boston, MA, June of this year and will be managing all things brand when it does.

Thank you for all of it. Thanks to my team for your support in this move. Thank you for the clients that pushed me to build the projects that have made my heart sing for the past (almost) two decades.

Tangerine, you will always be my first love.



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