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Hanging with the Birds

Updated: Mar 19

First trip of the year, Bluffton, South Carolina.

OK, so I didn't really "hang with the birds" on this trip, but I did hang with Lucy Rosen, a longtime friend, client, and colleague.

Lucy's work is sensational, so when she asked me to design a business card to represent her work, I was both honored and challenged. My primary goal was to encapsulate the essence of Lucy's exceptional photography skills, particularly in her captivating captures of nature and birds. I sought to create a visual narrative that not only mirrors her brand but also teases the viewer into the profound intricacies of her photographs. This design isn't just a card; it's a view through her lens into Lucy's world of mesmerizing imagery, inviting each recipient to immerse themselves in the beauty she seems to effortlessly capture through her lens.

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