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30 Days in New Mexico

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Cities in June:

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Chavez, New Mexico (father's day)

Carrizozo, New Mexico

Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, Alamogordo, New Mexico

Sometime in 2006, I was wearing a pair of brand new Prada boots I had bought while living in Milan. They were suede and I felt like a million bucks. It was February and a Sunday, and I was in Switzerland, so Eric and I decided to take a cable car to the top of a mountain - you know, another just a lazy Sunday. I remember being so mad that I was up there destroying my boots that I had just paid off. Yeah, I was an asshole, and I was done with Europe.

A few months later, we made our move back to the states. As we were making the move, I came to the realization that I was living a charmed life in Europe - and now it's over. I hadn't taken advantage of the time I had while living there. I wasted a lot of moments flying back to New York, missing out on precious time I could have used to get to know friends (That's you, Katrin). I missed out on new places simply because I was closed minded and too busy flying off to old ones.

When I moved to Albuquerque, I decided to make a change in my outlook. I was no longer going to act like this. I made the decision to love everything and treat every day in the places I go with an open heart. I will suck in the good of every single place, starting with my new home - New Mexico.

Who knows if it was this decision or this place itself. Maybe lot of both. I have fallen so hard for this state. Contrary to popular belief, It's nothing like the cartoons have taught us. There are roadrunners and coyotes, yes, but It's not a harsh and unwelcoming place. That couldn't be further from the truth. It is a fragile landscape, short on water with plants that grow with such gusto that you have to give them mad props when you see them. They grow out of the cracks in walls and stones toward the tiniest drip of potential water. The soils range from lava rock to granite to forest to desert and the weather changes hourly.

This said, I make sure that there are a couple of months during the year that I don't step foot outside of this beautiful place. I look for adventure here, rather than trying to find it elsewhere. In support of this, I am the proud owner of a travel trailer (aka #thecabin ) and a monster truck and a #sixyearplan

June was my New Mexico month. 30 days without leaving this beautiful place.

June 1: Fly into ABQ just before midnight & hit the ground running, starting with a morning at the Apple Store.

My little Macbook Air has lots of miles on it, but upon returning to New Mexico, she decided it was time to retire.

So now that that is taken care of, a rooftop brunch to celebrate our friend's birthday is in order. Hotel Chaco in under a moody, sky. To the left it is menacing. To the right, cheery clouds.

Located in Old Town New Mexico, the hotel is a stunning place to visit. It is infused With Ancient Pueblo a luxury gringo hotel kind of way.

Hotel Chaco was named after Chaco Canyon, an archaeological area in Nageezi, New Mexico. Navajo groups have been living at Chaco since at least 1500s and because of its well-preserved masonry architecture, Chaco Canyon was well known by later Native Americans, Spanish accounts, Mexican officers and early American travelers.

Day 08: A little Jazz in the heart of this pretty city

Cyril Aimee, you had me at beatboxing.

An evening under the stars on another stereotypical, ABQ evening. New Mexico Jazz Workshop is committed to providing access to a higher quality of life through education and performance.  The New Mexico Jazz Workshop prides itself on connecting the local community with jazz .

Day 09: Fajitas on patio, the way it should be

Eat your fajitas and your heart out. This is what dinner in New Mexico looks like - every single night.

There are so many great patios in this state, and with good reason. The weather and skies can’t be beat. (Now to leave before the biblical winds start)

Day 14: Finally, a chance to escape to #theCabin

Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, Alamogordo, New Mexico

Park Elevation 4,400 ft

Set against the dramatic Sacramento Mountains, this little campsite in the Chihuahuan Desert is the perfect spot for our New Mexico weekend. This place is shockingly beautiful. A little hike though Dog Canyon showcases a unique oasis of pools of water under the cottonwood trees and reeds, which inspires some long overdue life drawings.

The drive there and back are equally as interesting.

The photos from Carrizozo just don't give you the feels you should have. Maybe this will give you a better idea:

June 21: Wine Dive Downtown Albuquerque is finally getting it's sh*t together - I hope. There seems to be more and more good live music in this city.

Tonight, a little Casey Mraz and a bottle of red at Wine Dive on Second and Gold.

Some of my favorite workspaces #betterthanadesk

(although I do love my desks, too. I have a few. ♥)

Day 1: Home Sweet Home

Downtown Albuquerque

This is the desk at the bottom of the stairs. It overlooks the 2nd floor balcony where Helena and Theodore prefer to spend most of the workday. Sunshine and pibbles.

It's truly a win win.

Day 3: My Studio

It's Monday, and that little startup that I've been working on for a couple-a-years now is about to make some big moves. It's time to get in this studio and make some big things happen!

Updates to come!

Day 14: Oliver Lee

It is a Friday, so I do have some deadlines to handle. Can you beat this view?

Day 30: Another home office

This is one of my favorite spots in all of my apartment - the 3rd floor library.

I think I love it because I'm surrounded by greatness. Lautrec, Escher, Diane, Karl, Donna.

I may not be traveling, but these maps remind me that I have lots of places left to see.